“What is ‘Legacy Theatre’?”

Historically themed events

Historically themed events & festivals

The term “Legacy Theatre” was coined by Ellis C. Pike to define his concept of Professional Historical Re-creation, or ‘Living History’ as it is commonly known. When he formed Here be Dragons in 1993 after years of involvement in this field he was aware of the growing popularity of themed events, historical re-enactments and costumed entertainers. His philosophy was to celebrate the wealth of British history using the dramatic ability of talented performers who had a real feel for the past.

Ellis Charles Pike

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Geargian Rector

It is this combination of historical honesty with a real ability to entertain that has made Here be Dragons performers the popular choice for many organisers of historically themed events. These have included corporate and private functions throughout the country. Ellis, and other members of Here be Dragons, frequently appear at Brighton Royal Pavilion (where Ellis regularly portrays the ‘Prince Regent’), Hever Castle, Leeds Castle, Hampton Court, Hatfield Old Palace, Apsley House, other notable historic venues and prestigious hotels, and Museums including the British, Science and Natural History.

‘English Heritage’ has made use of the expertise of Here be Dragons performers for their historically authentic ‘Living History’ presentations at venues such as Dover Castle and Eltham palace. So have numerous tourism Authorities, for events such as the acclaimed Lancaster Georgian Legacy Festival, for which Ellis was Artistic Director and author for a number of years.